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Reporting on Reports


I have been asked to review the reports that we have in Report Manager (SQL Visual Studio 2008). They would like a list of the report, the folder, who get the report and when and if possible a comment. Do you know if there is any way to create a report from the system of this information. Also is there any where they you can record a comment about the report?


I don't have a query for it, but the information is stored in the ReportServer database (the default name, but it might be different on your system). I'm sure there's someone that's figured out the query already. In case there's not though, you'll need to figure out the schema of the ReportServer database.


To add a bit more color to TaraKizer's reply,

List of Reports and folder information (along with the actual RDL files) are stored in the table dbo.Catalog.

The list of subscriptions is in the dbo.Subscriptions table.

The ExtensionSettings column has the list of recipients (along with other information). The schedule of when the reports are to be generated is stored in dbo.Schedule.


Thank you greatly. From your information I have been able to create a draft report for submission to my Manager.