Report Designer - Excel formulas


I'm trying to put a visual report together as 'Price list' or 'Order list'
Report gets emailed out to certain customers in Excel format displaying 4 columns,
A (Item), B( Price), C(To order), D(Line total)
A and B columns are populated by data from tables, C column is blank and left for customer to be filled in before sending it back to us, D column is calculcation '=B2*C2'

I've got two issues, when report is exported into Excel column D is displayed in text rather than formula (if I double click on D2 cell then it becomes a formula)
All rows in column D are displayed as '=B2C2' instead of following row number. (B2C2, B3C3, B4C4,... etc)

Let me know your thoughts and if there's a way to work around this.

Kind Regards,

The built-in Excel renderer for SSRS does not support what you're asking for.

There is a custom extension that should achieve what you need: