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Report conversion to Word add extra table rows


I have created a report that functions fine in Visual Studio and when I convert it to PDF. But when I convert it to Word, strange things start to happen on the first page.

A new page is added and this is cause because RS converts the blocks on my report into tables and adds 1 or 2 (very high) extra rows at the bottom.

Through the link http://www.doppio-l.nl/bestanden/rapportcv.zip I have a the report as well as the generated Word document. Klik somewhere at the top of the second, empty page and choose a tableborder from the ribbon. Then you will see these extra rows.
The 3 columns consists of several blocks. To prevent one block in one column to push down a block in another colomn, I've included the blocks of a column in a rectangle. The first rectangle has a pagebreak on it.

I've tried everything:

  • since I believe that the first block in the second column is the culprit (with the 2 long texts in a textblock with placeholders), I've tried to display it in different ways (a table, a list, a table in a list)
  • put a pagebreak on a different rectangle
  • creating a extra rectangle underneath the three columns and added a pagebreak
  • make all the rectangles end at the same height
  • switching Keep Together On Same Page on or off in all combinations
  • put all the rectagles in another rectangle
  • set de reportproperty Consumes Container to false
  • etc. etc.

Strangely, I use the same idea on the second page, albeit with two columns, and there this doesn't happen.

Who can help me?