Report Builder 3.0 - Display RTF db fields as formatted text


I'm using MS SQL Server Report Builder 3.0 and have a database field that contains RTF code ('{\rtf1\ansi\deflang3081\ftnbj\uc1 ...etc...' and I'm wanting this to display as formatted text (eg: bold, italics, paragraphs, etc).

Any ideas on how to do this please?

The text box > placeholder properties > Markup type > 'HTML - Interpret HTML tags as styles' does NOT work for this.


If you have changed Markup Type to html already you will need to add some html tags to your text box.
Something like:

<h5><I>My body text</h5></I>
<a href="">visit SQL Team</a>

Converting it to HTML doesn't work ... it doesn't just contain text & formatting, but also images (which do not display when changed to HTML markup).