Replication Simulation

i need to do this:

simulate a replication but with some particular rules like examples:

  • some table won't add always they will check if the value exist and if so it won't do nothing
  • some table need to check first if there is some value in other table. if so then it'll make the operation indicated
  • some table if the value exist won't do anything
  • some table if the value exist will update

many other rules. there is some way that i can do this? all this is
between SQLServer 2012 of course and also that this operation will be
execute like a task, at an specific time of the day and every day.


This doesn't seems to be a replication issues/question. Replication is more on replicating from one place to another, you can set filter but not rules. What you can do is to set the rules in your primary tables, restrict it and perform all the checks required, once its inserted to your primary table, it will then get replicated to the replica. That might be a better way of doing it.

Hope this helps