Replication Monitor show strange things

Hi all,
i have a merge replication (one publisher- several subscribers) in which i have setup a filter on a single table with ssms 2014, replication goes up, works fine, and i have decided to suppress this filter with ssms 2014, and again
Replication goes up perfectly. But (there is always a but :slightly_smiling:) when i am looking in the replication monitor in the agents tab, i see my snapshot agent for my current replication, but i still see all the others agents regarding the old filtered replication i used to setup,

For information, i cannot reboot the server, or make any manipulation that require such thing.
I also have a look inside the table [Distribution].[dbo].[MSsnapshot_agent] and i see the same thing like inside the replication monitor.

Could some one explain me how to remove theses lines, or have any ideas on where to search, i have search on the net, and did not find any thing.

Thanks a lots