Repairing a SQL database (SQL 2000)

Hi, I have a SQL Server 2000 installed, one day it stopped starting so I decided to reinstall it. I tried to copy my database before reinstalling, but I got some error during copying the mdf file. I tried to copy the file in the safe mode but it didn't work. So then Goggle recommended me to run chkdsk to solve the problem (I guess it was a big mistake). It helped me to copy the mdf file, but when I reattached the mdf file I got an error again, I managed to reattach the file only without the ldf file (it created a new one). Unfortunately it seems the mdf file is corrupted now, I can't even see the tables - (Error 823: I/O error (torn page) detected during read at offset....
I used some repair commands like DBCC CHECKDB with REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS but in the end I get the same message:
So basically I have a corrupted mdf file, a not broken ldf file (I guess so because I could copy it before chkdsk), and also I have my database which works but it has got only empty tables.
Are there another ways to repair the database?

SQL Server uses API like ReadFile, WriteFile etc to perform I/O operation. After performing these operation, SQL Server checks the error associated with this API calls. If these API call fails, then SQL Server generates SQL error 823.
Go through the following article to resolve issue 823.
If you are looking for quick and reliable solution then you can use SysTools SQL Recovery Tool.

Well, the article says to use DBCC CHECKDB what I already did and almost nothing more.

I tried SysTools SQL Recovery Tool, and it seems it has worked (at least I could open the tables in the sql manager), but I won't be given the money to buy it and restore the full database. Could someone who has a full version of SysTools SQL Recovery Tool/any other recovery tool lend a hand and restore my database (70mb)?

found a working backup, yeah!

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