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Renaming a Named Instance (in 2014)


This is 2014.
2 instances exist and both are NAMED instances. There is no default instance.

Can I rename one of the named instances? OR will I have to uninstall it and reinstall as the name I want?



I don't think you can rename instances, so best way to do it is to create the new instance you wanted, then copy all your logins jobs and db over to the new one.

Something to think of is that sql instances is just a name that you connects to, unless you need to follow some special rules from your company, i don't see a great reason for renaming it. (do note that renaming the server is possible).


Thanks dennisc. My reason for wanting to rename the instance is because it isn't being used and I need an instance that is named a certain way But I think I can use this instance with the existing name and get by. Much easier than installing a new one.


if the instance is not being used, then changing it (installing a new one and remove the old) will be easier. Hope you find the best solution to suit your needs.


You can set a named instance as default instance.
Try this:
Change TCP/IP settings of named instance, assign static port 1433
Reset SQL and yo can access your named instance both, as default instance
and as named instance.


if you set port 1433 to this instance you can access it by
or \\server\namedinstance
or \\server,1433
or \\ip_server,1433

hope this help