Remove/Replace White Space in Columns

Hello Community,

Can someone please let me know how to remove or replace white spaces in columns

I would like to either remove the white space from the columns shown in the image and/or replace the white space with an underscore.

I would also like to remove the brackets.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Please try this

UPDATE table_name SET "column_name"=
replace("column_name", ' ', '_');

Did my solution work Carlton


Hi Harishgg1

It appeared to work - meaning I didn't get any errors, but I'm not sure how to display the results...

What that does is updates the data in the

Now all you do is select the column s

You should not see any spaces but underscores

Is this for Microsoft SQL Server ?
Are you trying to replace the column name of a table or column name of a result from a query?

I should mention that I'm using an application called dbForge for SQL Server.

When I execute the query I get the following, tellimg me do I want to execute the UPDATE statement

When I say yes nothing happens

I think its a function of the program

Try this

Select replace(column,' ','_')
From table

I get the follow when I enter:

Select REPLACE([Resolution Summary], ' ', '_')


are all values NULLS ???

Hi harishgg1

It turns out that in this instance the values are NULL. However, that is immaterial as I just need the column to be change from Resolution Summary to ResolutionSummary

so your problem is resolved !!!