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Not sure where this should go...
I'm looking for the most end user friendly way to distribute a 'program' that basically runs a delete command. We have employees that use our ERP system to track labor, some times the employees don't exit the job and when the job completes, they get locked in so they're unable to log into a new job. There's a simple DELETE command I run to 'unlock' them based on their employee number.

I want to create a simple interface the supervisor can run. He would launch it, it would basically prompt for an employee number, it would run then reply with a message that 'JOE SMITH HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY LOGGED OUT OF JOB 12345'

Again, super easy I think, just looking for some direction as to what the best way to present this is, Access, Excel, VBA, SSRS.


Seems like you could save a lot of time and hassle, if you simply added a "delete all open users" to the job closing procedure.

That way managers don't have to fool with manually deleting individual employees and individual employees don't have to wait around on busy managers to unlock them. Plus there's the added benefit of not having to design any sort of new interface at all.

Just a thought...