Rebuilding Indexes

Hello All,

Can anyone give me the best practices for rebuilding indexes in sq server?

I got red gate monitoring alert saying many of table indexes have more than 90% fragmentation.
So i performed index rebuild and statistics.
After this the transaction log increased hugely. I was panicked and performed tlog backup and shrinking log file continuously. while doing this thank god the disk space came back to normal.
If i choose to go with maintenance plan, the rebuilding indexs for some of the tables is not possibe. How to go with rebuild and reorganize indexes same time?
also if i go for rebulding indexes online then will it impact on production?

Generally what is the best practice to for index maintenance?
In which scenario i can go for online and offline index.
when to go rebuild and reorganise?
can i go rebuilding cluster and non cluster indexes both?
if i perform rebuilding indexes on all tables will this be wrong?
As i am new to dba activities. i need help to understand this all deeply.

Thanks in advance for all your help and guidance.

I would recommend you to use Ola Hallengren maintenance plan solutions.

You will see the benefits eventually. You can check the open trnansaction why sql log file is growing. How much total size in the log drive?