Reading on SQL server from another server using Python every 2 minutes

In my project I have one application running on apple device. I have one server with database which stores one simple data(for example an int number) every 2 minutes and one web app. I have to use SQL server which should read every 2 minutes from that server(which stores data) and send it to the web application.

When the button in apple app is pushed, it should send activation command to SQL server, which should start reading from the another server. But I can connect to another only with python script.
Is there any possibility to make window(which is opened with command from apple device) with python script(for connection to the another server) or view with python script?

I am new in SQL server, so I am looking for help everywhere.

I am going to have more these "windows" because I will need it for the web application. I am not sure, but the indexed view in SQL server, Is that the right way to do that? I do not know how to implement python script in it?

If you can give me any documentations or web pages, where to looking for,
I would be grateful.