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Reading in files in ssis



I was wondering if its possible to read in 2 different files structures. I have a package that reads in a text file but there has been changes made to the text file.(they have added in two extra columns) and i was wondering its its possible to set it up so that i can read both files in. so one day it could be the original file and the next it might be the new file with the extra columns


sure you can. I'd have a generic file connection manager that only reads one column, then a conditional split to send it one way or another, followed by a derived column or script transformation to split up the row into the various columns.


thanks for reply. would u have an example or a good tutorial you found for this cant really find what im looking for in google. maybe im looking up wrong thing


I can't think of a specific tutorial for this situation. The courses on PluralSight by Stacia Misner for SSIS are particularly good. If you're not a subscriber you can use it free for a month, I believe.


ok thanks.

does it matter what coulmn you picked. what went into the conditional split and the derived columns


sure it matters! You need to pick a column that definitely tells you the type of record you have.


but the file has 10 columns so i have to read them all in. will it not fail there straight away if a file has 12 columns


Read them in as one column, call it "data". in your conditional split, you need to examine something in the row to figure out