Quick help with automating adding several servers using CMS, powershell?

This forum has changed a lot ...not sure I'm doing the right format!!
1.- Long time ago I've got 2 (I think) script to transfer user logins & password when migrating/refreshing a database. I can't seem to find them anymore...they were from "Tara Kizer". Thanks Tara!!

2.- I've worked a couple of days on a powershell script/procedure to register multiple servers at once with groups or sub-groups (i.e. Prod, Non-Prod/Dev, Test, Stage, etc...)
I'm not that good a powershell (obviously) but I've manage to at the end not get errors, however the script doesn't create groups nor adds SQL Servers to the CMS (Central Management Servers).
This is the link I've been working on:

IBTW, it doesn't have to be this method but any other method for multiple central management server will help, is just this one seemed easiest and the time frame I have to query all servers; making a difference between PROD and Non-Prod will be a ... time consuming as well :slight_smile:

Once again any prompt reply and help will be greatly appreciated!

As I said, this forum has always been my last resource and help for any project I have problems/timings to completed.
This is the only forum I consult and always get an answer or hint to resolve my issue!!

Thanks everybody and I can't wait for your suggestions.

Thank you,

In case helpful you can still access (search perhaps?) the old forums via this link:


Sorry can't help you with your main question.

This is the standard Microsoft script for scripting logins:


You could use it as a starting point.

Thanks for the info/reminder, yes I'm aware of this method and had forgotten for the lack of usage.
Tara's script was far more simple and yet easier to use,. I probably have it somewhere it's just the name I can't recall thus can't make a search.

How about the other topic? registering multiple server in SQL CMS?
I find it rare not getting any hits on the topic.

Anyway, thank you for your reply and time you put in it!!