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Questions about Adaptive Index Defrag

Hi, I came across this cool script called "Adaptive Index Defrag" which can perform an Intelligent defrag on one or more indexes, as well as required statistics update, for one or more databases:

If anyone here is familiar with this script, I would like to ask the following questions:

  1. Is it good and reliable?

  2. By default it creates the objects that it needs in the system database MSDB. In this setup with its objects in MSDB, can I use it to defrag multiple databases all at the same time using several SQL Server jobs, one for each database? Will the SQL Server jobs not be colliding with each other, causing resource sharing or locking conflicts? I hope it will work fine and be able to defrag multiple databases when installed in MSDB because we have many databases on our server and it would be a pain to install it on each one.

  3. If I setup the SQL Server jobs to start defragging our databases all together at 1:00 AM, would that be a good plan or should I setup the SQL Server jobs to start running at different times?

Thank you so much in advance!