Question applying Server Patch

We had a problem applying a SQL Server Patch (2008). The Server would not restart so we set flag t902 to bypass the patch and get the SQL server running again. We think what caused this was because our Model DB was set to a collation other than the Master db's. So, we have set the model collation to match to the master db. And we have removed the t902 flag now.

2 questions:

  • To apply the patch, can I restart the SQL Server or do I need to reboot the machine completely?
  • How can I tell that the patch update went through - by checking select @@version before and after?

Take a full backup of the DB.
Check the current version by using @@version or go to the instance general properties or go to the Binn folder of the SQL Server install under Program Files and right click sqlservr.exe and go to details page to check version.

Install the patch, it should ask if restart is required, its never a bad idea to do it anyway.
Check version once again using one of methods above, check applications can connect ok afterwards.

Any serious problems you have the latest backup.

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