Question about Always On

This is my first time setting up Always On. It will be with SQL2022. From researching on line, it looks like the first step is to create a Windows Failover Cluster then install SQL as standalone on each server. After that, set up Always On.

My network team is telling me there is no need for a Windows Failover Cluster and that it's all done with SQL Server. That doesn't seem correct to me but as it's my first time installing Always On, I am not exactly sure.

Can anyone set me straight? The reason for this is that apparently the new version of Solarwinds requires Always On to be set up.

Thanks in advance.

So I will need our network team to set up a Windows failover cluster what a shared cluster name, correct?

It could be anyone in your IT administrative team who has the necessary domain privileges to create a cluster.

The "related content" section in the above linked article has more specifics on creating the cluster and configuring it properly for Availability Groups.

FYI, AlwaysOn is a marketing term, and applies to more than Availability Groups. The correct description of what you're trying to do is: setting up Availability Groups.