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Query to group attributes in a Column belonging to one instance

I have successfully joined two tables (one for names and one for physical characteristics like height, weight, head_size). In the joined table output, I have a column (Names) and another column (Height) and another column (Weight). If I have a 'James Jacobsen' under the 'Names' column with 'Height' 121 and another row of 'James Jacobsen' with 'height' 132 and another row of the same 'James Jacobsen' with 'height' 144 and I want only one row of 'James Jacobsen' with only one height (and only one weight), what query do I use please?

Why duplicates? Is there a date column associated with when person got weighed? Which one do you want? Latest? Oldest? Depends

How do you get these results (joined tables)? What's your current query and tables structure?

WHAT basis .
example ....
.. . any one row does not matter which row
row with weight = 90

do you choose ?

out of 3 row HEIGHTS

which row height ??