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Query to find Special character & numeric in Name field

Help me to find the special character & numeric in Name field except Space( ) and dot(.)

It will be a little difficult to know if this is correct since you've given so very little to go on but...select Name from MyTable where Name like '%[`~!@#$%^&*()--=+{}|\;:''"<,>.?/[[]]%[0-9]%'This is looking for anything followed by a special character followed by anything followed by a digit followed by anything. If you also need to find number before special character, add an OR operator and flip the two substrings in brackets.

Thanks for your Reply Stephen !!

But for doing this it is better to use only like '%[^A-Z]%'

it gives all records which included special characters but also include Space( ) & dot(.) which I want in the clean result

So add the space and dot to the pattern.