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Query for matching data with a date constraint



Hello. i am somewhat new to sql programming and i wonder what different ways to go about a situation.
Assumption : player table and team table have been created.
EX: say you have 5 football teams. what would be the query to display WHEN players from THE SAME town are playing against each other ?
My problem here is the query for matching towns

Thank you


Sounds very much like school assignment. On this site, you'll find most users reluctant to do others school assignment.

Also this site is dedicated for Microsoft SQL Server, so you'll probably be better of in Oracle forum.

When asking SQL questions, the least you can do is provide the envirionment pertaning your situation. In this case you could have provided table definitions in form of create statements, sample data in form of insert statements and expected output (from the sample data).

To solve your problem, you might want to read up on "exists".