Query execution time vs SSMS display of data


I have a procedure which executes in 6 seconds; now when I say executes in 6 seconds I mean it displays the complete data set in SSMS in 6 seconds whereas if I just take the final select and dump it into a table it takes only 2 seconds to finish up. There are around 20 columns which the procedure throws as the output. So this means it is taking 4 sec just to display the whole data in SSMS.

My question is, when a .net application consumes this procedure, would it be right to say that the actual procedure execution finished in 2 seconds? If I check in the profiler, it should ideally give me the 2 second metric too (and not the 6 sec via SSMS), I have checked this but still want to confirm if all of this is correct or not.

The reason for asking this question is that I am trying to tune a procedure, I am doing all that is required for the query tuning part but still SSMS takes at least 4 seconds (after the data is available in the final temp table) to display the complete data which is around 6K records and that too in 3 different resultsets.


You can use plan explorer - this only execute, without displaying the records.

Thanks, I will try this.