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Query Duplicates Split over two tables


I have two tables. TableA and TableB which contains customer records. The records are split over the two tables like so:
TableA contains a customers FirstName and LastName
TableB contains the customers Address
Both tables are connected through CustomerID

I want to do a select of all the customers that are duplicates i.e. the fields FirstName, LastName, and Address are the exact same in the duplicated records.

Anyone know how I could do this as the customer records are split across two tables A and B ?


Look at using an INNER JOIN and possibly Row_number


But how will that give me a list of the records that are duplicates ?


Something like this:

select * from
	select *,
		count(*) over (partition by FirstName, LastName, Address) N
		TableA a
		inner join TableB b on
			a.CustomerId = b.CustomerId
where N > 1;