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Query disappears before it completes



I have an issue with Sql Server 2012 and Datastage which extracts the table(just select * from table) and loads into one file without any transformation in between. Source table has around 45million rows. Datastage Process extracts upto 22million rows and then it stalls forever(running state). I had investigated into the Database and i could see the transaction runs on database for some time(runnable and suspended state) for sometime and it disappears suddenly. I am surprised to see Datastage Process still shows rows are being extracted even after transaction is disappears and Datastage process up to 22million rows and then do nothing.

Can someone advise what could be the problem and where to look for as i am new to DB admin activities.



could be wrong but you might need to talk to IBM.

Look at wait stats: Wait Stats

and waiting tasks: waiting tasks


Thanks Gbritton,

I have ran the queries and found the below results for Wait Stats and don't see any waiting tasks except ASYNC_NETWORK_IO initially :

ASYNC_NETWORK_IO 1281.70 1229.71 51.99 4402171 39.22 0.0003 0.0003 0.0000
PREEMPTIVE_OS_WAITFORSINGLEOBJECT 1109.13 1109.13 0.00 3704679 33.94 0.0003 0.0003 0.0000
TRACEWRITE 683.61 683.25 0.36 663 20.92 1.0311 1.0305 0.0005
PAGEIOLATCH_SH 178.94 178.67 0.27 81573 5.48 0.0022 0.0022 0.0000