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Query builder for non-experienced SQL users



We would like our analytics department to run the equivalent of CRM Advanced Finds on a web front-end. The data source for this connection is an MSSQL 2008 back-end. These employees have no SQL experience, so we want something very simple for them to choose columns to query against with values they choose (i.e. Customers that have a certain Net Worth or certain ZIP code).

We tried using EasyQuery: http://devtools.korzh.com/easyquery/asp-net/ but we're not entirely happy with it. It's not very responsive and we get weird, random crashes. Does anyone know of any other software out there that will allow for this functionality?

Thanks in advance!


I haven't used it, but Easy Query is on my "Looks interesting, might be worth a try" list ... so your feedback is helpful, thanks. Its the only one I have found that I think I could let me users loose with ... normally we built "flexible" reporting solutions, but of course they only work within the constrains of whatever criteria we allow for.

My biggest concern with users doing "nay old adhoc report" is that they can't possibly know the "nuance" of the data. The fact that if FLAG1 is set and the STATUS is "Open" then it actually means "THIS OTHER THING" ...

That can, perhaps?, be protected-against by using Views (which materialise a "Status Description" column, or similar, that makes it very clear what the various flags / status codes / IsActive-bits and so on actually mean.

In the past, where the need has arisen, we have trained the users in SQL - we wrote our own "beginner SQL" course, specifically for our App and Tables / Columns etc., and provided that as a training course for "Champions" within Client companies. We were reasonably confident about the Champion User's understanding of the nuance of the data ...