PutFile Notification on Folder in SSIS

I have made a functionality where if the file is correct, it will be ingested in the table and moved to the TARGET folder and if it is not, then it will be moved to the ERROR folder. Now I want to set up an alert system on the ERROR folder if any file falls in this folder then I should get a mail regarding this.

after you move the file to the error folder, you can call an SMTP task to send the email

Got it, Thanks! Can you please also add steps to do it as I am new to SSIS, Like the parameter of a filename that is moved to the error folder? About the email part, I'll configure that

what process are you doing to move the file to the error folder? That should give you the name of the file

Ingest data, Move file I'm using these processes.

how do you know what to process or what file to move to the error folder?

I have used some regular expressions and folder names

Your responses aren't very helpful in us helping you to resolve your issue. Are you copying . or are you looping through all the files in a folder? From what I can gather, you are looping through a folder and processing the file. If an error, then you move to another folder. At that point, before moving but after the error, you know what the file name is