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Program to pull a simple Balance Sheet - Student in need of help!



I'm in a class and we're using SQL Oracle 11g Express. We have to come up with one program to pull a balance sheet from a table we created that looks like this as an example:

Columns: AcctNo, AcctName, Amt, Debit, Credit

Net Current Assets (this is a subtotal)
Accum Dep
Total Assets (includes subtotal above plus next 2 accounts above)
Total Liabilities and Owner’s Equity (only includes total of accounts after total assets)

I need to show the account number column because I have to sort the accounts by the account numbers to get them in the right order (I entered them out of order so now assets are mixed in with liability accounts).

The teacher said that he wants 1 program with 6 parts, 5 joins (no union all), and a minimum number of command lines of 23.

Please help! I tried doing this myself and I can't figure it out, but this is my first SQL class so hopefully this will be easier for you...

Thank you!


You'll want to post your question on a different site since you are using Oracle. SQLTeam.com is for Microsoft SQL Server.


Oh no, really? That's how lame I am at SQL, I didn't know there was a difference.



Is there a way to delete this post so I don't waste people's time reading it?