Process powered.exe taking high cpu username: mssqlserver

process name: powered.exe PID :9072 username: MSSQLSERVER Memory: 9440K Description: active desktop launcher. in sql database server 2014 taking too much cpu. after killing it keep on repeating after sometime. can anybody provide solution?

I have the same issue, i sorted it out by writing a service with a script to search and find powered.exe and fix.exe every 5 seconds and get them killed. If you want i can share the service with you but this is not a permanent solution.

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Thank you Baz. my issue is solved presently. we are using seqrite endpoint security 7.4. i updated it to 7.4 and did boot time scan. after which powered.exe is not appearing again. any how if can share that service script it may be helpful in future if you feel free you can share. thank you very much for your reply.

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You are welcome, i am happy your issue is resolved. send me your email address, i will make a package out of the script and will send it to you in installable format.

and i would like to know more about the seqrite security, i dont have a proper antivirus or any security app installed on my server. i am looking for one actually.

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thanks for reply. my mail id is seqrite end point security 7.4 is from quick heal. you can buy it online. i do not have idea about cost. thanks.

I have the same issue on AWS.
But first only active_desktop_launcher has taken the CPU power, and when I tracked it, I have found that it is a crypto miner !
I have deleted the dll and json config, but it appeared again. Antivirus and anti malware have not found anything suspicious.
When I blocked that folder for writing, then powered.exe started to appear in processes list.
Can you send me the script to try with that ?