Problem with connecting, but it connects

I'm having a weird connection issue with an SQL DB I created for a company. The program connects and works fine. SQL Manager works fine. But ActiveReports wont connect using the exact same connect sting the app uses. I went to ODBC, and that connection is there in the User list. However, when I go to see the configuration, and work my way through to selecting the db, which is in the list I get this error:

"The database entered is not valid"

When I try to create a new ODBC, the db isnt even in the list any more, but is present in SQL Manager, which I can work on.

All this was working, so when this started is unknown.

I do transfer the db using detach/attach back and forth from the company server to my own to work on it.

I'm stumped. No idea why this is happening.

BTW, everything works perfectly on my machine, including printing the report, and ODBC. This issue is just on the company server.

Can you try telnet from the machine you are facing issue.

Not sure what you mean. The exe is on the server with the db, happens there and the client machines connected to the server. I think its a server permissions issue.