Problem when try to connect sql server

Dear Members

i‌m create local user and im give permissions to ‌access sql server

b‌ut im received this error‌


How im can resolv this ?


See documentation here:

A couple of things to check:

Is the box checked for 'Enforce Password Policy' - and the password created does not meet the minimum requirements.

Are the boxes checked for 'Enforce password expiration' and 'User must change password at next login'? If so - then you will not be able to login until you have changed the password.

Is the password you entered correct?

If none of these resolve the issue - then you need to get the additional information from the SQL Server logs to help identify the cause of the logon failure.

also could be that you have not enabled mixed authentication on the server

There could be various reasons for getting the error 18456 like the session of password for login is expired, your Windows Authentication is enabled,incorrect password, database is inaccessible, orphaned login etc.
Go through the following link to resolve your issue on the basis of error state: