Problem to connect local SQL Server

Hi All
I'm using SQL Server 2019 Dev and SSMS 18.4 on my PC. When I tried to connect to SQL Server I got such message:
What need to do to fix the problem?

is this a new install? are all services running? can you try connecting using localhost?

Hi yosiasz. Thanks for reply.
When I selected server name like localDB I connected to server. But when I selected server name like my PC name (RAB) I got error message.

please answer: is this a new install

No. I installed SQL Server and SSMS maybe 1 or more year ago. Yesterday didn't have that problem.

So, were you able to connect with your PC name (RAB) before?

Before I didn't have problem to connect.


please google search ,, with the error ..
Lots of articles will come
They will talk about different kind of solutions
You will have to find the one that works for you !!!

Thanks it works.
I posted because I thought that is more complicated issue.