Problem in SQL permissions

How can I solve this problem ??

There is a setting in SSMS just go in and uncheck it. See below.

thanks mandm to aswer me
but I have checked up this option
it was cheked and The error message still appears

It takes effect after you end your session and start it again. Did you try going out and back in?

I do the same thing
i don't know where the problem
Is it because the files are full of data? Does this affect ??

I don't think that's it. The message you receive when large amounts of data exist is a much different message. So do you currently have that option checked or unchecked?

that option is checked

It must be unchecked to stop that error box from popping up. Again once you have unchecked the box you must exit your session and start a new one for it to take effect.

Ok :+1:
It's work now
Thanks alot mandm :bouquet:

You're welcome.