Problem in retrieving information from database

Hello Guys,
I have an automotive e-commerce website. I use the sql code to retrieve data from the server to my cars model page like dealers price in various cities or the on-road price of a particular car in selected city. But from few days, in one of my car model page is not retrieving information from database and i have shown this issue to my technical person. He is stuck in the middle of solving issue. I want to know how can I solve it. So, that I can suggest it to my tech person.

Thank in advance

Try to execute that query in SSMS , and see what is the output , it's the desired dataset ?

Check to see if the query have some validation/active fields, maybe there are not set or set incorrect. Probably you have some table that are join together by fields, and some fields are not populated or incorrect populated.

Next step , if nothing will come out ,then take every table from that query, and search for that particular record.

If nothing special pop out, try a CheckDB

Thank stepson, I will try your method.

You're welcome!
Please update us on it.
If it's possible , you could post your query

Ok Stepson, I want to share my URL with you but the forum is denying to post the link.