Problem configuring FTP Task


I have used the FTP task with out a problem a number of times. However, I have now been given the task of Ftp'ing a file to a SFTP site. The only difference is that it seems to need a protocol specified in addition to the user name, password, server port, Server name that it usually wants in the connection manager.
going to a Sftp site is used everywhere not so cannot believe there is not a way to do this in SSIS.
Can someone tell me what I can do?

thanks you

SQL Server doesn't ship with an SFTP Task so your options are to buy a third party SFTP Task like nsoft or cozyroc, write a batch or powershell to transfer the file usin WinSCP or Filezilla and use the Execute Process Task or use a Script Task and program the transfer using C# or VB.Net.

Here is a free option available but you will be writing code. I have done this many times with SSIS. Once you get the concepts down it is quite easy. SSHNET

Thanks, I appreciate the advice, I thought something like this would be the case.

Thanks, I will look at it.

I adapted this technique to call out to WinSCP for SFTP transfers:

It does involve coding and a script task - but once you have one setup you can easily copy to a new project, fill out a couple of variables and get it setup for a new project.

Okay I will look at this.
Thanks you

Thanks Jo, I was afraid that would be the case. We have written code to get around it outside the DTS. Thanks again.