PowerBI in Report Server Configuration Manager

I am using SQL Server Standard 2022. For some reasons, I don't see PowerBI in my Report Server Configuration Manager. Is there a requirement for PowerBI to show up in the Report Server Configuration Manager because I think I remember seeing it for the Developer edition of SQL Server.

This information will help you:

SQL Server Reporting Services 2022 | Microsoft Power BI-blog | Microsoft Power BI

Yep, thanks Rogier. I ran into that link two hours before you posted but what still threw me off is that on the SSRS dashboard for each of the report, it still has the ability to pin the report to Power BI Service. Maybe it is still there because for backward compatibility to the previous versions before SQL Server 2022 as indicated in the article?

Also, initially, we installed SQL Server 2022 Enterprise and I remember seeing the Power BI section in the Report Server Configuration Manager. I could be wrong. Unfortunately, we had to downgrade to Standard a week later and now I no longer see the Power BI section in the Report Server Configuration Manager in the above picture. The article confirms for the Standard version but I might need to install the Enterprise again to see if this is true.