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Please Help! Replication Restore


I am in need of some help (Ok, a lot of help). We had an issue where our SQL Server is another State went down and replication was broken (over a week out). The server has been fixed however; the replication would be too large to reinitialize across to the SQL server located at another facility (bandwidth would not handle 680GB). I have created a new snapshot the previous evening to an external drive and shipped overnight. Replication has been stopped so the job is not running. The drive is at the other facility today and I have the unc folder, .idx, .sch, .pre, and the .bcp files. What steps do I need to take to restore these files to the subscriber server?
I have moved all files from the external drive to a local partition to speed things up and not use the USB for the restoration.

Any help would immensely and greatly appreciated!


Dear I'm also having same problem.
As i have 5 No of Publications 1 of Publication has been droped/corrupted rest of 4 are working perfectly.
on method which is in my mind that :
" simply create a new publication with same name and contained same articles, generate a new snapshot, copy snapshot folder and placed on subscriber local drive to avoid network bandwidth and reinitialize it. and it will work fine.
but the confusion is that when it will reinitialize as i have huge data it will take much time to compare both sides (Pub <>Subscriber)"

please suggest /share your experience if u found any?