Please help, I can't login remote to MS SQL 2019 without sysadmin role

Hi All,

I have a problem, I can't login remote to MS SQL 2019 without sysadmin role. if I login locally it is normal. but from other client I can't, need sa/sysadmin.
I have checked the port, the properties, the firewall, and compared it with other server settings and all same all i know.

the msg i get is:
Login-based server access validation failed with an infrastructure error. Login lacks connect endpoint permission. error: 18456, Severity: 14, state:149

what should I do and check?

Can you check if TCP protocol is enabled on the server?
Can you verify the login has connect endpoint permissions?

Check the below link from Pinal.

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yes, I have read it. and checked it.
this problems appeared some days ago and it never appeared before.
this server already running for almost 6 months.
if I reinstall this server, which one I need to reinstall?
the Server? or the SQL Server Management Studio I need to reinstall?
if I reinstall it, what happen with the database?

After checking one by one differences from another database server/setting. there is one different.
this problems appear because of collision between port. there one endpoint Mirror using port 1433.
after drop this endpoint, the login normal again.

thank you @ahmeds08
thank you all

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