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Pivot data horizontally based on feature name and feature value

I work on sql server 2019 i can't make pivot for feature values based on feature name .

i need to apply pivot dynamically because may be tomorrow add new features so it will depend on features on table .

for original part id i have 4 features as


for RecomendationPartId i have 4 features as


i need to pivot every feature value under every feature name so feature name will display horizontally

if features not exist or remaining for parts as part id 2081978 then it will display as null

code as below

CREATE TABLE #partsrecomendation(
  [OrignalPartId] [int] NOT NULL,
  [RecomendationPartId] [int] NOT NULL
 INSERT #partsrecomendation ([OrignalPartId], [RecomendationPartId]) VALUES (20819956,1595758)
 INSERT #partsrecomendation ([OrignalPartId], [RecomendationPartId]) VALUES (20819770,2081978)
 CREATE TABLE #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues(
  [PartID] [int] NOT NULL,
  [FeatureID] [int] NULL,
  [FeatureName] [nvarchar](508) NOT NULL,
  [FeatureValue] [nvarchar](500) NOT NULL
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (20819956, 1500500021, N'ProgramMemoryOriginal', N'FLASH')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (20819956, 1500500011, N'NumberCoresOriginal', N'1')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (20819956, 1500500066, N'NumberADCsOriginal', N'2')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (20819956, 1500500081, N'NumberDACsOriginal', N'1')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (1595758, 1500500021, N'ProgramMemoryRecomended', N'Light')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (1595758, 1500500011, N'NumberCoresRecomended', N'12')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (1595758, 1500500066, N'NumberADCsRecomended', N'75')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (1595758, 1500500081, N'NumberDACsRecomended', N'90')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (20819770, 1500500021, N'ProgramMemoryOriginal', N'Silicon')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (20819770, 1500500011, N'NumberCoresOriginal', N'509')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (20819770, 1500500066, N'NumberADCsOriginal', N'701')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (20819770, 1500500081, N'NumberDACsOriginal', N'208')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (2081978, 1500500021, N'Program Memory TypeRecomended', N'Electricity')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (2081978, 1500500011, N'NumberCoresRecomended', N'72')
 INSERT #TechnologyPlPartsFeaturValues ([PartID], [FeatureID], [FeatureName], [FeatureValue]) VALUES (2081978, 1500500066, N'NumberADCsRecomended', N'925')

expected result

You need to respond to respond yo this 1st

i already respond to issue above
can any one help me on solving this please

What have you researched and tried. And where you are failing?

Few on this and other forums are concerned that you are asking others to do your work and hence are not growing in your skill sets.