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Physical and Virtual Memory always pegged to over 90%



SQL 2014 64 bit with 12 GB - is always running over 90% of physical and virtual memory.
Any one who has this kind of experience, what can you suggest to tweak to fix this issue.


It sounds like you haven't configured Max Server Memory yet. Set Max Server Memory to 8GB.

More info: https://www.brentozar.com/blitz/max-memory/


Hi Tara thanks for your reply

I tried to increase the max to 117964 ( this PRODUCTION server have 128GB Memory)

GB MB Recommended Setting Command
128 131072 117964 EXEC sys.sp_configure ‘max server memory (MB)’, ‘117964’; RECONFIGURE;

But it still on the red above 94% vitual memory and 93 % physical


Why do you consider that to be a problem? On a server with that much RAM installed, you only need about 1GB of available memory to not run into any issues. You do have 1GB free based on those numbers. Why do you consider 94/93 to be a bad value?


"Allocate 80% of your memory to SQL Server. The rest of the memory will be taken by your OS. If you still see system usage, it would go to 90% or more.
Please see the links below for additional resources:



Just 80%?!!

That's a really old article.

Instead allocate 90% to SQL Server and monitor Memory\Available MBytes. You can adjust max memory higher if your available memory stays above 1GB.

This is a much better article on this subject: https://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/jonathan/how-much-memory-does-my-sql-server-actually-need/