Period in Stored Procedure parameter

Using SQL Management Studio 2016.

EXEC sp_Mass_QA_Approval 'Comp. Nursing Assessment', '1535'

If I try to execute this SP I get 'Incorrect syntax near Assessment. If I remove the period in my first parameter the SP runs without error. The data type for that parameter is NVARCHAR(50).

The SP is actually executing just fine...meaning all of my procedures inside of it are running. I know this because if I debug the SP this syntax error doesn't come up until the SP is finished and I see the data was changed as expected.

I could handle this inside the SP by adding periods as needed or even handle the error in my app. But I want to know why this is happening. Am I missing something or is this a bug? ....because I can do inserts/updates with the same 'Comp. Nursing Assessment' and those don't have errors.

Thank in advance.


ok, disregard ... has nothing to do with the period. Something is going on here that I'm just not seeing yet.