Performance Tool

We have a 2008 R 2 Version running on several servers and instances precisely. Currently using the QUEST but can anyone suggest the better tool in its current such that it can even perform with the latest trends on all sections of performance monitoring all-in-one to the SQL Performance.

Perhaps GURUS here knew even better ones though it looks very odd question for you.

Many Thanks

not sure of your question, but we used SentryOne which provided alot of information as well as monitoring and notifications

Thanks Mike01

Just for transparency, to have a initial inspecting with the tool and if suites to go for buying later.

Since we used Red Gate,Quest, Idera & Apex and they are still good but any other which can do all-in-one type such as performance and background SQL Server (Off course we have Activity Monitor inbuilt) and Query based what you have suggested (SentryOne).

Perhaps this would give clear understanding for what we are looking for.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Thanks but we have already have it.

Even I also use it, tried and tested it is best.

maybe write your own performance dashboard using data from your all of your performance tools :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for good suggestion. will do.

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