Perfmon generates daily report with RED and GREEN

There are 4 User Defined Data Collector Sets under Perfmon generating CSV file on a daily basis.





In the report a red alert occurs which resembles performance log is greater than 12 hours old and is deemed inactive.

When looked inside the Perfmon they are running fine and generating report.

There is no evidence to RESTART each of the Data Collectors

Any clue that you can IDENTIFY the Error and cause what needs to do for erasing red tick mark which identifies that this is to work.

Before hand thanks is a Microsoft SQL Server site, we mostly answer questions about that. I'm not seeing how or if your question pertains to SQL Server. Are you trying to import Perfmon files into a database?

The Question is Perfmon relates SQL Server Counters related.

Yes these Counters are imported into SQL Database and when the Report generated - if more than 12 hours then it turns into RED which is the error need your expertise.

Do you have any explanation

You'll have to provide more detail about the "report" you mentioned. From what you've supplied so far I don't have a clear picture of what that report is doing. It sounds like you may be running Management Data Warehouse? If not, then you'll have to explain in detail what your report does. If it's a 3rd party monitoring tool/product, please name it.

Thanks for response.

infact it is Just the report that delivers when over night Perfmon sends the report and when it exceeds the time by 12 hours + then it turns Red otherwise if the report comes within 12 hours duration then Green. That's all and don't have much information on top of that.
Can you be helpful.

12 hours of running the report or 12 hours + of the data collected

Hard to help you with because what you are providing is not helpful. Help us help you

Provide more clarity, or maybe even data sample data from the sql server on which the reporr is based

One way to find out something ran 12hours + is with

datediff(hh, @start, getdate())

Extremely thankful to Experts who strive for my cause to help me. :ok_hand:

The report is from the Perfmon where all the Data Collectors designed for the CPU, Memory, Disk where it generates CSV file outcome of the report as it generates like:
Knowing how to create the perfmon counters and generate the report in the CSV formats, is there anyway the SYSTEM based report can even generate the report with time based (like 12 hours) and if exceeds gives RED dot and below gives GREEN dot adjacent to shown below:

//name of server/ Path/ Disk.csv (Red or Green dot)
//name of server/ Path/ CPU.csv (Red or Green dot)

Thanks abundant.

Still not helpful. How is this report generated? Is it using sql server or a powershell script or what?
Please show us real data in csv minus confidential data.

Yes it is developed and driven around PowerShell.

The Data Output is coming as the Private vendor has scripted and is not accessible.

Perhaps you might say to contact but was given as a caretaker position where needs to invoke into the problem.

It would be good, had me knew how to address in the steps to the authorities who can still look for the solution as they might decide.

So my job is to unearth the problem surrounding.
Still it is peculiar but please do understand my limitations.

Many thanks that you have patiently attending on to this problem.

So, you go to a doctor with some major pain. Doctor asks you all kind of questions to determine your ailment. But you never show doctor where it hurts or answer doctor any of the questions doctor asks you or describe to doctor any of your symptoms.

Lets try this, type here in your native language what you need help with and maybe we can try google translate to sort this out. Cause not only are you not providing what we are asking of you but your English is tough to understand. Otherwise, it is impossible to help you.

Good Advise to seek google doc.
That's all my exposure to problem

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