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Passing a value from Agent job to SSIS user variable

So my understanding is that if the source is set to package store then I can use the "set values" tab to store the value I want passed to the user variable. I am using the SSIS catalog though and the set values tab is not available with that selection.

Is there a way to input the value to be passed to the user variable when executing the job?

This is really just for convenience sake. I am in SSMS all day and it saves me the trouble of having to open data tools to run the package.

What version?

SQL Server 2014
Data tools 14.0.61021.0

For Integration Services projects - you can set project parameters, package parameters or variables. Move your variable to either a project or package parameter - then you can set the value in SQL Server Agent (or in the Integration Services Catalog through SSMS).

The parameters will show up under the Configuration tab in SQL Server Agent.