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PASS: Total Registrations

At the Summit you’ll see PASS announce the total attendance and the “total registrations”. The total registrations is the sum of the conference attendees and the pre-conference registrations. A single person can be counted three times (conference plus two pre-cons) in the total registration count.

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Heh... Ok... so what were the two numbers?

So this is thread for comments from my blog from a post in 2011. You can follow the link to the post I made before the Summit explaining what the numbers were. I switched the blog comments over to here in forum that doesn't appear on the home page but is easily find-able. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have told it to index the old posts. Oh well.

And of course I got curious ... and found this: http://www.pass.org/summit/2011/Live/News/Partner25.aspx

It says 3,500 attendees and 5,000+ registrations.