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Parse Elements of Json String Array

I'm trying to figure out how to extrat element of jstring son array saved in a table colums
The column heve the Name jsonTypes
And below an examples of values

How can I extract for Array[0], Array[1], Array[2] from each row ?


Thanks a lot for any help


Unless the json string got manged when posting what you posted is not proper json though column name says jsonTypes

STRING_SPLIT (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

Thank you Finaly I found the way to rereieve all elements and my Json is properly formated
Considering that there is a max of 4 element in each array

JSON_VALUE(jsonTypes, '$[0]') AS FE1
,JSON_VALUE(jsonTypes, '$[1]') AS FE2
,JSON_VALUE(jsonTypes, '$[2]') AS FE3
,JSON_VALUE(jsonTypes, '$[3]') AS FE4
FROM MyTable