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Parameter Query

I have created in SQL Server and the data is showing correctly and added a funding parameter, when I open the report and search using all the parameters the data is showing correctly as it should but when I add a specific to the parameter the report than shows an additional value in the total column this shows for a few learners but the calculation expression should only look for a ref no that shows in a dataset. The learner is not showing a row as the learner is not included in the extra dataset but seems to be using another students refno

I know this is your first post, but we need more information that what you provided. Can you provide DDL, sample data and what you expect the outcome to be? This helps us better understand what you are trying to do. It doesn't need to be 'real' data, but readily consumable that indicates what you want. Simple ddl like:

Create table #t(f1 int....)

then insert into #t values (,,),(,,)

finally what you expect as output from the sample data

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