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Pages/Sec reading...am I ok?

Hi, I'm new to digging into counters for SQL tuning purposes..
I'm wondering if my Pages/sec graph looks normal to you guys:
it's SQL 2008 SP-1, servicing 3 or 4 databases: only 1 heavily used(65 users)
Might not be enough data to go off, but I've heard there are numbers that should be an average for this counter..

The numbers that mean the most would be: Avg Disk sec/read and Avg Disk sec/write. You would want to see an average of less than 10ms per read and and average of less than 6ms per write.

Anything above 20ms sustained over time would be an indication of potential issues with the IO subsystem.

ok Thanks.
I'll add that in & monitor

Guess I've got issues huh?

Doesn't look like you have any issues - but it isn't very clear. Instead of looking at _Total() make sure you select the individual drives that host your data files (mdf) and log files (ldf).

It looks like you are averaging .004 (4ms) for writes which is well below the requirements.

seems that's way outta the park..