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Package deployed - when executes returns: error failed validation and returned validation status "VS_NEEDSNEWMETADATA"



I have developed an SSIS package that executes and works on development environment.
When I deploy and executes the package on the MSSQL Server, I get the following errors: failed validation and returned validation status "VS_NEEDSNEWMETADATA"

  1. I use the same MSSQL 2014 server for both environments.
  2. I use the same MySQL ODBC connector on both environments.
  3. The above error is produced on source tables that reside on MySQL database.
  4. No error occur for MSSQL source tables.

Attached log when executes via deployment:

Please advise.


that error means that SSIS detected a change in the source or destination that can only be fixed by refreshing the metadata (column definitions for a db table). Are you accessing the same MySQL database for both dev and prod? Do your dev and prod environments have exactly the same MySQL drivers? What is the patch level of the MySQL driver(s)?


Thank you for your kind reply.

The issue was resolved by switching the connector driver from ANSI to UNICODE.
Now dev env is ANSI and deploy env is UNICODE.

Same driver version, same mysql db.
The only difference is that dev env is win 7 and deploy env is win server 2012.

Go figure.


so, there was a change in the metadata that SSIS correctly detected


Im not sure how, if it's the same mysql im refering to. Same remote machine, same tables


ssis saw the diff in ansi vs unicode in what the driver returned