Order by aggregate field

I have a crosstab query and I need to be able to sort by an aggregated field. It will not allow me to do this. Is there a workaround for this that is not too painful? Price is the field I need sorted in descending order.

TRANSFORM Sum([dbo_RX Reporting].Price) AS SumOfPrice
SELECT [dbo_RX Reporting].[Master Drug Name], Sum([dbo_RX Reporting].Price) AS Total
FROM [dbo_RX Reporting]
WHERE ((([dbo_RX Reporting].[Therapeutic Class]) Like "Analg") AND (([dbo_RX Reporting].Period) Like "2018*") AND (([dbo_RX Reporting].[Plan Name])="Alabama"))
GROUP BY [dbo_RX Reporting].[Plan Name], [dbo_RX Reporting].[Master Drug Name]
PIVOT [dbo_RX Reporting].Period;

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