Oracle developer Excel export daily

Hello everyone,
I am really new to SQL and started to create some Queries using Oracle SQL Developer. After a couple of times I saw that I have to manage the same Query over and over again just by adding or editing some parameters, which mostly concerns the date of the Query.

Now I have looked up for something that could export automatically the data I need daily in an excel sheet. There I found the Scheduler inegrated in Oracle. Of coure I have tried to use it but could not get any further, some of my settings must be wrong.

My Goal: I want to create an excel file which is updated automatically every morning with the same Query and saves this file in the folder I want.

Are there any instructions for this task specially descriping how to set this up with Oracle Developer?

Many thanks in advance.


Someone on this site may help you, but you are more likely to get help on a site devoted to Oracle. This one is for Microsoft SQL Server.


Thanks a lot for your advice Fred

Hello there friends, Im really sorry for bumping old thread, but searching some similar information to fix my issues related with oracle excel. Can I speak to some1 with my prob?

Thanks a lot for your advice.