I found a good example of OpenXML here:

I have a question and that is, with OpenXML, is there a way to modified the underlying xml document that gets feed into the OpenXML statement? I already know xQuery with Modify can modify the XML but was just wondering if there is an additional way of making the changes, like in the form of Update, Insert, Delete to a table. And I am not referring to making Update, Insert, or Delete to another database table but the OpenXML table itself.

So far, I gather that OpenXML is only for viewing (SELECT) the XML document.

Is this xml in an xml datatype column? Never mind you want to modify in openxml

I think I got my answer for this already and most likely, the answer is OpenXML is only used for querying. It cannot modify, update, insert, delete against the XML. Was asking for confirmation but as of last night, I am pretty sure this is the case.